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08:00am 04/10/2004
mood: calm
yea, havent posted in awhile... been enjoying my spare time while mommys been in holland. then my family went to dallas this weekend... so.. good times were had. i really dont have anything of any interest to discuss, so with that im out
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there goes my day   
08:03am 22/09/2004
mood: frustrated
yep, in microcomputer applications again... swell class... so, my mom and my sister get home from holland monday night and now my home is a living hell again. mom comes into my room at 5 in the morning yesterday and turns on the light... fuck! there goes my day. for all of you who dont know, thats is seriously one of the only things that will seriously piss me off - waking me up by turning on the light. i hate that! and shes so loud and i hate her voice... she wanted to talk to me and hear what all i did while she was gone... well, i have come to the conclusion that my life is better without my mom... is that a bad thing to say? am i wrong for saying that? i dont like her. this morning she made me breakfast, a nice gesture and all, but i was running late to class, so i didnt eat. she was so pissed. sorry mom, but i was late. what was i supposed to do? geeeeezzzz..... on a different note, i am so excited cuz we get to dress up at work for halloween! yay! im gonna wear my french maid costume... is that appropriate? ... i have orgy stuck in my head... and i like it!
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and some guy answers it   
10:44pm 17/09/2004
mood: cheerful
so, just got back from battle of the bands at langham and ive come to the conclusion that i truly do love anti*nothing. im glad i went to langham instead of my own homecoming game... it it wrong? i love you guys! and linda loves you too! lindsay wouldnt know cuz shes too busy with derek to hang out with us anymore, which by the way is really starting to piss me off. so linda and i are going to their show at the engine room next friday and im super excited cuz the engine room has good sound and those big speaker things... horns i think theyre called. anyways, so i lose my phone at langham and i thought it was in my car so i had linda call it... nope not there... so we call it again and some guy answers it and was like 'hey, i found your phone at langham. im in the auditorium...' turns out a cop had my phone cuz i dropped it... then i take linda back to see jason and i head on over to the bowling alley. one of my bros friends asks to use my phone... yada, yada, yada, big long story... mom hits girl, girl in bathroom talking on my phone, mom goes into bathroom, girl hides phone in tampon trashcan! what the fuck! ya big nasty... my phone..... thats utterly disgusting! really! anyways, then jenny calls who i havent seen since graduation, and says shell meet me at the bowling alley... yep, jenny, im not there anymore...
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passed out on the couch   
10:34pm 15/09/2004
mood: sleepy
I'm feelin rather talkative today so i think ill update again. gotta catch up and all. i slept in yesterday, accidently, and ended up missing class. the funny thing is, its a good thing i slept in cuz i ended up having to pick up my brother from school. he had a concussion playing hackey sack and he has a 3 inch gash in his head. its disgusting. i was looking at it and i got so dizzy. it was so gross. i went downstairs and passed out on the couch. nasty... hes ok though... and i just bought a pair of cool shoes off ebay, so im excited. my moms in holland right now, so i dont have to listen to her shit for awhile, so im double excited. oh, and one of my good friends just decided to visit me unexpectadly. he goes to tulane in new orleans and i havnt seen him since like prom. so. yep. you guessed it. triple excited! oh yea.... im tired now... good night
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its killing me...   
08:15am 15/09/2004
mood: bored
... its been awhile. yep... so im in microcomputer applications now and guess what i learned to do on monday!! i learned how to open, save, and spell check in microsoft word... c'mon, are we retarded! i learned how to do that in second grade. it pisses me off how i have to pay for this class. seriously. right now we're learning how to cut and paste. whoa. i dont know if i can handle this... jesus. the sad thing is that i dont think most of the class knows how to do this. most of them are paying attention... i love the people that come to class all prepared and stuff. most of the time its the adults. the walk in and sit at their perpective chair, put down their backpack, lunchkit, books, and whatever else on the ground and here comes the backpack. they pull every single thing imaginable out of it. then you look back like 10 seconds later and whoa! they're good to go. they've got their binder, folders, spirals, 10 different pens and pencils (you know, they might get bored with the first one), a ruler, a calculator, a protractor, and extras of everything. and its all topped off with their morning coffee. i come to class with my book and my purse. thats all you need. the topping on the cake: all their materials have the cy-fair logo on it. they got the shirt and the mug and whatever else.... its killing me... k, just finished my work and im out
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i swear he was older...   
10:12pm 10/08/2004
mood: mellow
three cheers for good dutch soft rock! i love it. blof. thats the goods right there. anyways, reminds me of christmas last year and my brief affair with a 15 year old boy. i swear he was older... alot older... in other news, i just got finished watching schindlers list. at least half of it. everyone says thats a really good movie and all, but i really wasnt that impressed at all. i fought to stay awake throughout the ordeal, but hey, maybe thats just me. josh and keaton came and ate with me at applebees today and keaton applied there. if josh gets the job at jamba juice and keaton the one at applebees, its gonna be good times. then the boys escorted me to cy-fair cuz im afraid to do things by my lonesome. it was fun surfing the internet for awhile. im the biggest procrastinator ever! i have to go get my transcript from cy-springs tomorrow so i can register for classes... which start in like a week or so... wow, naomi get to steppin'
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i wanna have my way with him   
11:09pm 08/08/2004
mood: aggravated
so yea, just got in an argument with my dad. i hate him. my parents always accuse me of crap i dont do, and i hate it. i think linda and i might get an apartment, that would be cool. so i spend the night at lindsay's last night, and her parents happen to be out of town... im never gonna hear the end of it from my parents. 'naomi, where was your car last night?', 'naomi, why are you lying?' wtf. gimme a break. they freak out... ugh. anyways, i just got back from driving around to try to find our runaway golden retriever, alex. 'oh, dont worry, he'll come back on his own' my parents are retarded.... and now i shall be going to bed for i am off to cy-fair tomorrow to see when i can take that stupid test because i didnt take the stupid sats because im stupid. im the biggest procrastinator ive ever met. then its off to applebees, then its off to the pool. im so hardworking...
have you guys seen romeo and juliet with leonardo dicaprio in it. go see it. i cried like the whole time, its so good. and leonardo dicaprio is so hot. i wanna have my way with him... sigh.
the guilty must be punished   
12:29am 07/08/2004
mood: scared
so, im spending the night at lindsay's house tonight, and i started watching fear.com... im never gonna get to sleep... ever!
wow. that ruined my night   
11:04pm 05/08/2004
mood: pessimistic
so, i feel like i need to still jot down what i had said earlier, before my dumbass erased all of it. so, all this weirdness started when lindsay and i went to visit linda at hook line and sinker. when we walk in, one of my work buddies, tells me how his friend died last night in a car wreck. wow. that ruined my night. i feel really, i dunno, just weird. on top of that the other day i hit a dog while i was driving. i think it was already dead, but still, i mean, i hit a dog. i hate myself. now, on top of all this negativeness, i have to wake up early tomorrow morning and start training at applebees. i know it wont be bad cuz a bunch of hot guys work there and my sister is training me so i can be myself, but im not in the mood for it right now. right now, im trying to download "hurt" by nin. good stuff. that song is kinda how im feeling right now. i dont think thats a good thing. and all because of a dog and a guy i dont know. im a bad person...
what the hell...   
10:29pm 05/08/2004
mood: pissed off
so, there was this time when naomi wrote a huge ass journal entry and after she had finished, she clicked on another link, cuz shes a dumbass. she then clicks the back button and her whole entry is gone.... i hate myself
adults scare me   
11:25pm 03/08/2004
mood: cold
so yea, i went to applebees for my second interview and i got it. yeah! go me. after that, i went to hook, line, and sinker and gave them my two weeks notice. that was almost the scariest thing in the world. i'm such a sissy girl. seriously, i hate talking to adults. adults scare me... alot. i dont know why. well, it wouldve been the scariest thing, but i lied. im not gonna tell my managers 'oh, um, i quit cuz its boring here' or something along those lines. so i lied. mommy and daddy want me to concentrate on my school so they want me to quit. okay, that worked just fine. im not even in school anymore. speaking of school, my sister wakes me up at like 8 this morning, which is super early for me, to go with her to panther express. i'm like 'ok, she always goes with me places'. (did i mention i have a fear of going places by myself?) i wake up, get dressed, you know the works, and it turns out daddys going with her already. i was so pissed. so linda and i went to cy-fair and picked up one of those books... holy crap, inuyashas on. hold that thought! ok, good stuff. anyways, we go get one of the little course schedules then we head on over to good ol hook, line, and sinker and get some food. i never realized how good the chicken tenders are there, and the honey mustard is the best. wow, i love this song so much. still standing from the rasmus. thats the goods right there. i get that warm fuzzy feeling listening to that song... oh, wait, nevermind.
02:35am 03/08/2004
mood: accomplished
02:31am 03/08/2004
mood: confused
ok, this thing is so confusing, lets see how this works out
who's cool now   
02:23am 03/08/2004
  so, i finally got one of these things up and running. i'm excited! i should be sleeping right now, but i'm really not tired. i think somethings wrong with me. princess mononoke just ended... well, like an hour ago. i love that movie, although i doubt i understand it completely. and i had to pause it to watch inuyasha, which i thought got taken off the air, because it wasnt on yesterday, so thats a little weird. anyways, its back on, so thats exciting. my knees are all skinned up now from jumping off the roof into the pool. that is SO fun. love it. i still have to break in like at two in the morning before the season ends. just for the fun of it. summer's not over yet guys!